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Subject: bring forward date
  I found out through my CAIPS file that my bring forward date was one year from the date Buffalo received my appliation. (I applied as a skilled worker, currently live in the US)

Does anyone know whether I may receive my IA prior to the bring forward date, or is the bring forward date the first time someone will look at my file?

From looking at the yogi799 website, some people who applied a month before me are getting their Intial Assesments. But my bring forward date is not until Sept. 30. So, should I expect my IA in a couple months, or should I expect to wait until October/November?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Your file will be looked at before the year goes by. When I initially got my CAIPS, the BFD was exactly one year from when they started processing but I heard back from Buffalo before the year went by.
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thanks. I was hoping that was the case.
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