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Subject: US citizen moving to Canada
I am naturalize US citizen (born in foreign country) and Wife is born us Citizen. We are considering moving to Canada due to health care cost is US. Can anyone tell us the process of applying for Canadian permanent resident (PR) card?

Thanks in Advance.

Joe Parker
(in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
could you please read thru

see if you are qualified with any program, either skilled worker, or business.

Departure Bay
US citizen (from PA)moving to Canada(ON) (in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
Not qualified with any program, either skilled worker, or business but would like to move to canada to live with my girlfriend. Where do I start or what would I need to do in order to make that happen. Do I need a passport or Visa? ect...

Jason Sitler
US citizen with US passport moving to Canada (in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
We have applied for visa and permanent residency status,
but the law firm in Canada indicates that it can take up to a year to get approved.
With only a US Passport can we travel across to Canada
with our furniture to our new full time home
we will purchase in Canada.
Do we have to cross back over the US border every 6 months
until the Permanent residency status is competed?
Can we work while in visiting Canada status and awaiting
approval of our permanent residency status.
Would it help if I was a full time student in Canada
while waiting for permanent residency approval of me
and my husband

Veronica Shields
moving to canada (in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
my mom and my siter are us citizen but they wan to move to canada to apply for perminant resident can they worked and go to school,if yes what do they did to do
Trying to move to Canada (in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
I am wanting to move to canada this fall. I am not to sure how to switch residency, but if someone could e-mail me or call me at 406-212-3701 and help me that would be great. I am a U.S. citizen living and working in Montana.
Darlena Plant
(in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
U.S. citizen here who went through the process. As Departure Bay said, start with Skilled worker program is the best way. All the directions and information is there.

I understand wanting to move there for the great health care and benefits, but that should not be the driving reason. You should have skill sets needed by Canada, and want to live there for more universal or altruistic reasons than just sucking in free health care.

The time frame for Americans applying as skilled worker is about 2 years or so.

By the way for you U.S. citizens, if Obama (or Clinton) wins and the Democrats gain stronger control of Congress, you should see universal health care implemented over the next few years.

What about my wife with a green-card? (in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
I think I would qualify as a US citizen in the skilled worker program.

My wife in the US is a Japanese citizen with a US green card. I guess she could apply to the skilled worker program as a Japanese citizen.

We have two minor daughters -- I guess they could come too.

Offered a job - what's next? (in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
I am seeking a permanent move to Canada (from the USA) and have been offered a position with a non-profit there. It takes up to 2 years for residency visa to be processed. What can I do in the meantime? I can begin the paperwork process immediately, but can I live and work in Canada as a visitor? The website seems unclear on this. Anyone have some advice? What does my employer need to know in order to help make this happen? Thanks!!
(in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
Which website is unclear to you? Try


Ray Masa
(in reply to: US citizen moving to Canada)
I have read almost the entire looking for information on moving from the U.S. (i´m a citizen) to canada, and still unsure if i can move there with all my belongings and apply for a permanent resident card while i´m living there or do i need to have my PR card before moving there? Can you simply tell me the process i need to go through to move there, we´re hoping to move in the next few months. thanks.

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