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Subject: Worst file processing system
  CIC has one of the worst file processing system, the delay they make in processing file is very long. In other way they are advertising that they have need of people and rather they are not completing the backlog.

In other way they are misbehaving with the applicants, and all the applicants should go for the legal actions, as they are not responding in time frames. If the country is not capable enouch, they should stop all this.


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It is indeed very tormenting for one to keep waiting sometimes endlessly even though you have passed on your updated documents etc.The CIC has become nototrious for taking long long times to process or take decision.Obviously the longer they take to make a decision the bigger the backlog becomes.Only if they knew how much time and money an applicant has invested in the CIC process.Three years is a long time to take a decision considering even with all the computers that they have.Another tormenting fact is that no matter how many letters you send to the embassy you would never receive a reply and if you phone the embassy you would never get to talk to a human being only taped messages.Don?t we have a right to talk to a visa officer?All these answers remain unanswered.I share your feelings and know it is very painful to keep waiting months no end. The CIC makes millions of dollars not only for immigration process but addtional millions of dolars as interest rate generated from the amount deposited in their acounts and what do the applicants get in return? nothing but months and months of silence.
M Zulqarni
M Zulqarni

M Zulqarni
cic (in reply to: Worst file processing system)
I second that. CIC sucks!!!
I Agree 100% (in reply to: Worst file processing system)
I have been waiting for almost over 3.5 years and nothing in hand. I emailed, mailed, faxed, hired an agent, and got nothing. The only thing I hear:
Family-Class/Sponsorship (old retired useless non-productive people) are given priorities,
We are experiencing backlogged situation in X office with reduced staff members becuase of X .... in the region, and
from Agents: You should wait. Be Patient, Nothing we can do, ... after I paid all my money for falsi promises.

anong ibig sbhin ng file processing system?? (in reply to: Worst file processing system)
mga igan!! ano b ang ibig sbhin ng file processing system?? report ko kz un..walang meaning s book eh..bka kz itanong skin, hindi ko msagot..cge n pls..pls reply and post it.....
Mi-Mi Pietriz
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