How long else should I wait?

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Subject: How long else should I wait?
  I have applied for permanent resident from Canadian embassy in Damascus on 11 April 2001 and received the letter of acknowledgement the day after.
On 16 June 2003, I received a letter from them asking for filling some new forms and the result of IELTS test within 4 months, I prepred all the documents as well and sent on time, it was 2 Oct. 2003, since then there is no news about my file. I can get 70 scores under old set of regulations.
I have sent a letter to the visa office asking them for my status, they replied in a sentence that "Your file is still under study", I can not really understand why they wrote in our acknowledgement letter that "The processing period for you is about 24 months" but it has taken 39 months and still being under study. How long else I have to be waiting for a decision? Can somebody tell?

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It is indeed very tormenting for one to keep waiting sometimes endlessly even though you have passed on your updated documents etc.The CIC has become notorious for taking long long times to process or take decision.Obviously the longer they take to make a decision the bigger the backlog becomes.Only if they knew how much time and money an applicant has invested in the CIC process.Three years is a long time to take a decision considering even with all the computers that they have.Another tormenting fact is that no matter how many letters you send to the embassy you would never receive a reply and if you phone the embassy you would never get to talk to a human being only taped messages.Don?t we have a right to talk to a visa officer?All these answers remain unanswered.I share your feelings and know it is very painful to keep waiting months no end. The CIC makes millions of dollars not only for immigration process but addtional millions of dolars as interest rate generated from the amount deposited in their acounts and what do the applicants get in return? nothing but months and months of silence.The estimated period that they quote in their receipts means nothing since they are crossing their stipulated times to make a decision.So who is to question them?unfortunately no one.The only thing which you or I can do right now is wait and wait.

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