Can anyone explain this?

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Subject: Can anyone explain this?
  I invited my friend, a Romanian who is resident in South Africa for a visit to Canada. She waited more than 7 weeks in Pretoria for a response. The Romanian ambassador called because she needed a passport to travel internally. All they told her is that there is no information about her application. I asked my MP to intervene. His ofice responded after 2 days that "Ottawa is not ready to make a decision yet." She finally gave up after this and went to retrieve her passport and withdraw her application. Now here´s the wierd part... They told her wait a second, we´ll process it now! They then gave her a rejection letter and stamped rejected in her passport. Why would they do that if she´s formally withdrawing her application? They told her the hold up was tha it was being processed in Canada.
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Unfortunately the passport was already submitted for visa.Canadian consulate or as a matter any consulate has a right to refuse entry.

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hi am a cameroonian nationality.i just got a message from a manager in one omini canadain city hotel in canada that they need worker to work in their hotel.So responding to them that am interested they sent me a form through the internet to filled and send to which they mention is the immigration emai addresss.They further ask for my passport number and picture to help assit or back me up with the process.But am scare is this real and realitic.please help me with more information about the visa process

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