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  I heard from the internet that it will spend more than 10 years to wait the visa to my parents if I help them to immigrate to Canada in Beijing.I think it is so long that I don´t know when I can live with my parents in Canada. Whether they can come to Canada and do the application in Canada or U.S.A?
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BRAMPTON, ONT. ? Citizenship and Immigration Minister Joe Volpe has announced new rules aimed at making it easier for immigrants to re-unite with their relatives, and at the same time clearing a massive backlog of applicants.

Part of Volpe?s $72-million plan will make it easier for people in Canada to sponsor the immigration of their parents or grandparents, a process that now takes five to 10 years because of the massive backlog of applications.

He says that over the next two years, the number of parents and grandparents given landed status will be tripled, from 6,000 a year to 18,000 a year.

And for those parents and grandparents still waiting, there will be five-year, multiple-entry visas to make it easier to visit families living in Canada.

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For Immediate Release

Sponsor Your Parents Demand Immediate Action on Parental Sponsorship Backlog

TORONTO, April 18, 2005 ? Sponsor Your Parents was supportive of Immigration Minister Joe Volpe?s press release today, where he stated that parental class sponsorships will be increased, but remains highly critical of the government?s lack of action.

?While it is a positive development to see that Minister Volpe has finally admitted to the serious backlog of over 100,000 parental sponsorship applications, contrary to his comments in the House of Commons last February, the government must immediately implement a strict timeline on solving a backlog issue that they authored? says Sponsor your Parents Director Kalen Liang.? ?Children miss their parents?, Liang says.

?Even with the new quotas announced today, in light of the current backlog it will still take over six years for me to see my mother?, says Sponsor Your Parents Founder Eugenia Yahknin.? ?The government could have easily solved this problem months and months ago, but Minister Volpe remains unwilling to meet with our organization to discuss this backlog crisis.? The Minister must clarify immediately how he plans to bring our parents to Canada in the near term, or immigrants will remain nervous that he is only offering pie in the sky?.

Michael Mostyn, Conservative Candidate of Record for York-Centre, hopes that the Liberals have not already squandered the millions of dollars in application fees taken from Canadian immigrants.? ?This is yet another Liberal sponsorship scandal?, Mostyn says.? ?I certainly hope that the Liberals have not placed these fees into general revenues.? Where is all the money?? I would estimate that the Liberals have taken in tens of millions more in deposits than they are prepared to spend.? The Liberals have either been swindling Canadian immigrants by skimming off the top of this program, or they are refusing to allocate the funds necessary to clear up this Liberal-made backlog?.

Immigrants to Canada must pay non-refundable fees starting at $500 per parent to have the government consider their parents immigration applications. Sponsor Your Parents has urged the government to remove the application backlog for parental sponsorship applications, and this plea remains unanswered.

The Liberal government has recently created this same problem that it is now seeking to solve.? Even after tripling the quotas from 6,000 to 18,000, these numbers are still below 2003 levels, and do not appear relevant to solving the current backlog crisis.

For further information see www.sponsoryourparents.ca.

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