Can someone advise me?

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Subject: Can someone advise me?
  Spousal category Application submitted January 19th, 2004 CPC

Application Return on February 4th 2004 to submit along with additional information
Resubmitted Beginning of April got Acknowledgement letter after week file transfer to visa office Singapore
Received letter from Singapore visa office on July Interview list.
Got interview on March 15th, 2005. Officer mention on the interview satisfied also told me within 5 weeks she will contact for further process.
Today is 5th week is over. My wife has sent fax to Singapore last week advising them 5 weeks almost over. But we haven?t heard anything. They didn?t replied fax. Should my wife contact to LOCAL MP or not please advise me. It?s been 15 months on Spousal Case.

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Holy smokes!!!

I definitely think you should contact your MP. That is nowhere near the assumed processing time.

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