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Subject: Saudi Arabia PCC

Can anyone who has processed Saudi PCC, brief me on the process of obtaining a PCC from Saudi Arabia.

Any help is appreciated


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welcome to the club ya man .
well i have been also in saudi and i called there embassy and they practically said what the hell ur talking about .
and according to other people in the forum that have been trought this issue stated that the CIC knows that it is next to immpossible to get a police certificate from saudi arabia specially after you have left it .
so here is what you do .
write and explanation to the CIC stating that you cant get one .
get a letter from your imployer stating that you had good conduct .
photocopy your final exit visa and attach it with your explanation .
good luck

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Where r u?? I´m calling your mobile and error in connectin and don´t see u online!! where r u?

Best of luck ya mannnn

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If you lived and worked in Saudi Arabia you dont need a PCC.
Syed Z
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Thanks for the info guys and goodluck to you.

Applied at CHC Delhi Jan 2005 received AOR Feb 2005

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Hi !! I applied for PR to Canada. I have been asked to submit PCC for Saudi Arabia when I worked for 4 years there.

Embassy of Saudi Arabia Mumbai totally refused & also did not give in writing they are not giving. They are very non-cooperative.

However, Delhi Saudi Embassy is very cooperative. They told to give finger prints attested by local police station where you live i.e. Ahmedabad India attested by State Government Attested by Ministry External Affairs with a copy of passport+Iqama to get PCC

You can get it from any Saudi local embassy

Rajiv trivedi

Rajiv Trivedi
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I am Working here in saudi Arbia Currently & looking help from all you Guys how to get PCC from Jeddah any help will be very much appriocated
... I applied through CHC London


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Hello Every One ,

Here is the procdure how to obtain ...
1. Go to Canadian Embassy & Show them the Request for PCC from CHC
2. they will issue you Arabic Document for Police Department
3. Go to Forign Affartes the will charge you 30 Riyals & Attest this Papper then Go to Police Head office
4. In Jeddah Police HEad office is Near to TV Station
5. They will Issue you in 15 days

May it help to All


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Dear Friends,

Plz do infrom me how to get the PCC from Riaydh, K.S.A



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Being an indian citizen, Residing in Riyadh please inform me how to receive police clearance certificate for submission to u.s embassy in india
gulam mohiuddin farooqui
Canadian immigration from Saudi Arabia (in reply to: Saudi Arabia PCC)
1. Currently working in Saudi Arabia.
2. Want to send my application to London immigration office.
3. Will quit my job and move back to Pakistan in few months.
4. Idea of sending my application to London immigration office is that London office has lesser processing time than Islamabad (Pakistan) office.

1. Is it fine to do the above?
2. Is London office processing time less than Islamabad office?
3. How long does it take to get AOR from London office (I will make arrangements of another mailing address in case AOR arrived after I leave Saudi Arabia)?
4. Where am I going to be interviewed in the above situation?