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Subject: After the interview

Can anyone tell me how long after the interview I can expect to move to Canada? My Med and background checks are done (shown my CAIPS file). My ?bring forward? date is early July (CAIPS files) so I expect and interview date in Sep. My US visa expires in Nov.

Thanks a lot

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Normally it takes few months. However, sometimes it takes longer for no real reason. The Biggest problem is behind your back. So, slowly you can get ready :)

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Thanks for the update. I am in New York. Any idea how many month after the interview, I can expect to move. Obviously, I would like to do this before my US Visa expires
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This is weird that your BC is done before your interview!

Anyway, you MAY BE asked during the interview to submit the passport if your medical is still valid and BC is done.

Just my opinion.

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Hello Sarup,

My wife and I have lived in the US for 11 years. So the backgroud check was easy to do I guess.

Thanks for the update

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Hi Anonymous,

As far as I know, BC is initiated either after the interview decision or at the time of paying ROLF. That´s why I was bit surprised.

Good luck.

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