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Subject: Need sincere advise??
  i applied a skilled workerin nov 2001 from newyork. I added my spouse in june 2003. i passed selection crireria in oct 2003.they waived my interview. I went for my medical in nov 2003. In the mean time I kept contacted them after may 2004,they kept saying that your medical docs are still under process. In sep 2004 they told me the same thing. In nov 2004 i got to know that my medical docs have never reached to immg officials in Ottawa. I went for my medical again in nov 2004? I faxed them in the end of feb 2005 and in the end of march 2005 but couldnt get any reply?what should I do now? I know i cant apply for CAIPS notes since I am not in canada and first time applicant.NNED A SINCERE ADVISE...THANKS
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You can always use services of a third party to order CAIPS notes. Services are about US $35, however as in your case come highly recommended. That is a small price to pay for peace of mind and possibly a future medicals "again":

Since you have had a history of misplaced medicals you may also call up the Medical Registry at Ottawa

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Hi KK,

Sorry to hear about your case. When you did your medicals again did you ask the DMP to give you the tracking number of the medical documents that were mailed to Ottawa? You should confirm with the DMP to be absolutely sure that they mailed your medicals this time.

You should definately order the CAIPS notes. Like mentioned above you can use the services of a number of websites that help people like us to get the notes. It will cost you on an average US$30-35.

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Most DMPs shy away from using a courier service. Since these are medicals and will entail international dispatch, you need to have customs clearance. They find it easier (less documentation and money ofcourse) to just send local post. That is what they told me (infact I refused to come to one DMP when they told me that and finally had to agree as other said the same thing). At least that is what they do here in the U.S. mostly. But then U.S. postage is like courier service!!

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he did give me the tracking # this time. I went for my 2nd medicals on nov 22, 2005,thanks
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