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Subject: Please help!
  Hi all.
I received my stamped passport back three days ago and I have only about five weeks before my visa expires! This was due to the background check conducted for five months.
I am planning to land in Vancouver quickly and take care of the landing issue and come back to San Francisco.
I will be moving back to Canada later. Since I am a US citizen I won´t need a visa to go back to
Please help me with the following questions:

1)-Do I have an option of picking up the PR Card in
person instead of having it mailed to me in Canada?
2)-For landing purposes, what do I need to have with me
other than passport and visa, PR confirmation and
proof of funds?
3)-I have been told that I should apply for government
sponsored heahth insurance as soon as I arrive in
Canada (according to the instruction letter). Is this
has to be done immediately?
4)-What about SIN?

I appreciate any help.

Thanks all.

Joseph, K
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No, you have to give tham an address in canada to mail you the Card. If you tell that you do not have and address and that you will travel back to USA, they most likely will refuse to issue you the card till you settel in Canada. So try to find a friends address to use.

You need to have the customs forms 4b and 4ba with you listing the goods youhave with you and the goods that will follow. Nothing more than that along with the documents you said.

Apply for the SIN once you land. It take 10-15 to apply and gain it willmail to your address in Canada.

For the health issue, it is not required that you do that epecially that you are going back to usa. It is recommended for the people who stay in Canada after landing and till they get their governement health cards in three month.

Take care and good luck.


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Hi Joseph,

When did you send your passport? I sent mine 10 days back and waiting!!!!


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I sent my passport via express mail with paid self addressed return express mail. I received it back in eight
business day from the day they received it.(or total of 10 days).

Good luck

Joseph, K
PLEASE HELP: wasn't asked for RCMP in IA letter (in reply to: Please help!)

I just wanted to know if I should bother doing the RCMP check if my Initial Assessment letter didn´t ask me for it. All my IA letter said was that I need to provide them with FBI and Meds. I don´t want them to come back and tell me that I need to send them the RCMP at a later date. What should I do. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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