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Subject: RCMP police check in advance
  I have a work permit and I am applying for immigration from within Canada. I sent my medicals to Buffalo on April 14.
1.When can I expect a reply?
2.What´s next? The RCMP police check with the fingerprints?
Actually, this is my main question. I decided to send my fingerptints in RCMP in February and I have to receive the police check in June on my home address. The question is, can I send it to Buffalo and thus to save some time, or I have to do another RCMP check with fingerprints whenever the guys from Buffalo decide and to waste this way five more months in waiting? :(

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Do RCMP regardless, dont want be lagging behing 90 days +.
Doing RCMP doesnt slow ur application, its always safe doing it couple of months before AI.

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buddy (are you italian?)...I STRONGLY suggest you to ask for the RCMP certificate....in my case is the only document still pending and CIC is just waiting for it to finalize my case...I sent it in October and they started processing it at the end on november!!!!!!!!
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I don´t think u need to worry about the RCMP certificate.

Refer to this link: http://www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/can-am/menu-en.asp?act=v&mid=5&cat=68&did=398

If they ask you for RCMP certificate it takes 2 months for that but what actually keeps application hanging in process for long is the wider background & security check; as might be the case for Lollipop.

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no man!! 100% sure that the only pending document is that damned RCMP certificate!! it takes ages (5 months since the date they file your fingerprint set)!!
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currently in excess of 150 days!!!

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Hey Lollipop,

Thanks a lot for the info. But, I still wonder why the CIC Buffalo website asks applicants specifically NOT to apply for RCMP, US & HK certificates unless asked to do so?

"Do not request a police certificate from Hong Kong, the United States or Canada until you are instructed to do so by a visa office."

Why don´t they say the same for other countries?? Anybody has answers for this puzzle?

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hey robin,

yes, that´s true...in certain cases CIC waives the submission of RCMP police clearance! I think is for people residing and applying from within Canada...

for sure it isn´t my case, since I was specifically required to get the RCMP police clearance...how frustrating!!

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Thank you for your replies!

This is what worries me, though that CIC Buffalo wrote me NOT to get a RCMP certificate before they ask me to do so. That is why I wonder whether they will accept the RCMP certificate I applied for in February. It has to be done in June and if they accept it, it will speed up my case, if they tell me to send my fingerprints again, however it means another five months waiting. :(

Lollipop, thanks for the quick reply, buddy! I am not Italian, but I love Italian language and culture. My origin is a huge Balkan mix of Bulgarian, Macedonian and Greek blood. :)

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