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Hi Jazz,
DO you think that Boitechnology will be good for her. She will be completing her Masters in Botany. What do u think of Biotechnology for her. And also please if you can give me ur email address so that i can email you also.
Thanks so much for your time and help.

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Your name sounds female! You have a wife? Biotech and particularly bioinformatics are very useful skills. Tons of jobs anywhere. But neither of these areas can be mastered as fast as some of those IT crap. They are time consuming and laborious. Once she gets a Master´s in these areas, she can find employment in most economies...
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She is my sister.She is in India right now. She will be completing her Masters in Botany. Thats why i want to knwo what is good for her.So u suggest Biotech and Bioinformatics are good. CAn u tell some good colleges in Canada where these are offered.
Thanks alot.


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