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Subject: Spouse Sponsorship Procedure
  I read this link and got to know the procedure of Application Processing for a spouse outside Canada for Permanent Residentship.
(see FAQ No.6)

1.Could anyone please tell me the ...Will my wife´s appliaction be sent to the New Delhi Visa office from CPC-Mississauga after I am found eligible to sponsor her?
(If she applies for PR from New Delhi)

2.Will the complete procedure take atmost 3 months? or there can be further delays?

Please help me out in this regard!

Thanx a lot for the help in advance.

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I My wife´s case it took a total of three months from time
I submitted application to missisaga.

However in some cases I know it has taken 2 months and some have taken 5 months as well.

But as an average you should get in 4 months time .


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After you are approved as a Sponsor , CPC in Ontario will forward the PR application to the office in charge of your wife`s location.

Every CIC office works different around the world , you could check processing times at the office in India.

Average 3 to 10 months if there is no difficulties.

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