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Subject: Received IELTS result
  Hi Guys,

I appeared for IELTS on the 9th of April in Chicago and have just received my IELTS result.

Overall - 8
Listening - 8
Reading - 7
Writing - 8
Speaking - 9

Although I was not asked to provide the IELTS score but as I have been asked to appear for an interview in NYC I thought that it will be better if I take the test.

Any questions regarding IELTS please feel free ta ask me.

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Congrats Kenny! awesome score...I myself took the test in April..and my scores are as follows..

Reading -- 7
Writing -- 8
Speaking -- 8
Listening -- 8
Overall -- 8

Anyways folks and Kenny are here to help for anyone with IELTS questions.

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I just want to analyze this.

What´s your nationality? Is english your native language? How long have you been learning english?

I need to take IELTS in July too. I have been in canada for nearly 7 years. To be honest, my english is just so-so. I´m so afraid that i can´t get higher than 7 on each section.

Can anyone tell me more about your score and english background?

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I am looking forward to taking the test myself, please advise how to prepare for it, how long the preparation going to take. I have been working in the US for many years now


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In the listening part.... do you already know the questions before the listening starts ?
Also how intensive is it pertaining to grammar, for example, completion of sentences or using the right tense, verb, adverb, pronouns etc etc... u know what I mean.


8.5 IELTS score (in reply to: Received IELTS result)
Hi Guys

I am an Indian and took the IELTS test in Dec 2004 and got an overall of 8.5
Writing - 8
Reading - 8.5
Listening - 9
Speaking - 8

I prepared for 2 weeks .

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I took IELTS too in the following scores..

Reading - 7
Writing -8
Listening - 8
Speaking - 8
Overall Band - 8

I am an Indian citizen but took the test in USA, Ive been in USA for about 4 years now. My native language is not english its an Indian regional language. But all my schooling and college was in English medium even in India. Also I purchaseed IELTS study material for about 100$ at the place where I registered to take test. Thats the best study material. I prepared for 2 weeks, It seemed very easy to me in preparation, But time is always scarce in IELTS...Also you can buy practise test papers from bookstors in USA like Barnes and Nobles from Cambridge IELTS which cost 45$ these are very helpful, they have test papers for both GT and Academic. For immigration we need GT. So in the real test, first they test u for listening...its 60 minutes and you have to listen to 2 or 3 conversations from 2 speakers..if you cant hear their voices clearly ...please tell ur examiner to increase volume of speakers....the thing u should do here is read the questions before listening to each conversation and they will give u time for this like 5 that u know what to expect for an you got to be very attentive...if not you will lose track..of the flow of the conversation and can miss on answers..the conversations wont be played twice...only u will have to transfer answers as you listen to an answer sheet...accents usually are british, australian and very rarely american...then u have written test...this is again 60 mins only..and u have to write a 150 word letter (ex. ur friend is coming to join u on a one week holiday but u cant entertain her..they ask u to give reasons..explain..and then apologise..) remember to make sure to make letter formal if its employer and stuff or for freind it should be informal..and then make sure u write atleast 150 words..less will be penalized..more is ok..then u have to write an essay on a topic..for 250 make sure u either strongly agree or disagree with the statement on which essay is to be based..state ur opinion in first paragraph and then in subsequent paragraphs support ur views..with examples..and dont write anything out of context..this will be penalized..i wrote 250 word essay first in about 30 mins then i wrote 150 word letter...then comes reading section..u will have 3 sections..1 or 2 advertisement clippings and one passage finally all needs to be done in 60 60 mins u have to answer 40 questions...this is the toughest part of test..time is really not careful...if u cant answer something go to next one...wrong answers in IELTS carry no reading be very careful with questions which ask for true, false or not given..true or false r easy..not given is kinda tricky...i suggest u read each passage or ad first intensively and quickly then answer questions..then u have speaking which is relatively easy..just answer upto the point to whatever adminstrator asks u..this is one on fluent and confident..thats all..good luck...and remember there r no breaks at all during the whole test..not even 2 minute be prepared for atleast a 4 hour exam...i have this IELTS package study materials..2 books (reading/writing and listening/speaking) with 4 cd´s for sale in brand new condition, i paid 100$ and i expect atleast 70$..if interested email me at can work it out on delivery and payment..

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I am from India and have been in US for the last 4 years. Although English is not my native language but my education has been in English throughout.

It should not take you more than a few weeks to prepare for IELTS. Just try to get familiar with the exam. I took a couple of practice exams and it worked out just fine for me. I used 2 books to study for IELTS
1) Cambridge IELTS Edition 3
2)IELTS Testbuilder by Sam McCarter and Judith Ash


The IELTS exam begins with the listening section. The answer sheet and question paper is given out before the section starts. You can open the question paper after the examiner instructs you to do so. Before every speaking session you will be given a couple of minutes to read the questions.

I strongly suggest that you practice a couple of exams as you will have to listen and answer the question at the same time.

We were told that the examiners are very strict about spelling mistakes. If your answer is correct but the spelling is wrong it will be marked as incorrect.

Google for IELTS and you will get a lot of free information. The exam is not difficult but you should be familiar with the format of the exam.

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Thanks very much for the info.This is great help.


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Which one is used for the listening part of the IELTS: speakers or headphones?

GT ILETS (in reply to: Received IELTS result)
I am looking forward to taking the test myself, please advise how to prepare for it, how long the preparation going to take. I have been working in a national NGO in Bangladesh for many years now. I need GT ILETS for Canada Immigration. Please send message for me all the techniques of higher band score.