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Subject: 1 year or less?
  Hi all,

My post-graduate work permit begins on Aug 18, 2004 and will end Aug 18, 2005. So if i leave my job on July 31, 2005. Will that count as 1 year work experience or less than 1 year for Skilled Worker Immigration?

I also worked 4 months part-time at University, about 10 hours per week. Will that count too? If yes, for how long?

As my current permit ends on Aug 18, 2005, I wonder if i can extend my stay in Canada as visitor for another 1 or 2 months? Because i want to spend some time travel within Canada with my friends. If i can, where/how can i apply for it?


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Well, what you need is to call immigration and ask them for the application for extension of stay. I have always applied for my extension 6 months at a time, doesn´t cost anymore money either. Just $75 for extension. You can call them on the following number: 18882422100 or get it from the website and print the forms you need:


Make sure you download the CHECKLIST and Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay, or Remain in Canada [IMM 1249] at least.

I would call them if you need more information a

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sir my full name is gul asad . my wife is candian by birth. she came to pakistan to visit me we got married she stayed with me for 8 months. now she is in canada and wants me to come there . can u help me what shold i do or what she do incase to get immigration.

Gul asad



gul asad
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