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Subject: caips scam?
  did anyone order caips notes from i ordered my caips notes almost two months ago, however, i still didn´t get it until now. i am wondering is that normal? i am a little bit suspicious that this is an online scam. because the way i can contact them is just email, fax or a toll free number only with voice mail answer. they did answer my email, the only answer they give me is that it is out of their control, they wish cic could send me file asap. can anyone give me some idea?
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I am wondering the same thing. Has anyone had a positive experience with this site/ company?
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I feel ya! I ordered my CAIPS notes on Feb 19th through, and are still waiting for a response. I read a recent post on, by a former immigration personnel, that states that it is taking up to 50+ work days to receive the CAIPS notes.
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Be patient and talk to them by email..I had a similar experience with I didnt get mine unitl about 2 months..then they apologised and sent me the notes and they said CIC takes very long to send out these notes...I think thats true..CIC is slow in everything they hang in there and keep pushing these guys to send u the file..I dont think its a scam..all these companies are genuine but CIC gives them trouble too....finally my company offered me a free caips notes like anytime I want for the delay they did..
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I got my caips notes thru, they did take a little time but i did get them. I dont think its a scam.
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Can you get this CAIPS thingy directly from CIC?
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You can get the CAIPS notes from CIC if
1) You are living in Canada, Or
2) You know someone in Canada

BTW I dont think its a scam because these websites like etc can just send the request to CIC. They will not be able to provide you the notes unless CIC send it to them.

Moreover these websites are the only way people who are not living in Canada or know someone in Canada can get their notes.

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I ordered my caips notes directly and got it exactly in 30 days.
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Ordered directly from whom?
Fee of (in reply to: caips scam?)

Just wondering how much fee we have to pay? Is there anyway to get this information for free?


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