The grass seems to be greener....

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Subject: The grass seems to be greener....
I see an eagerness to get to Canada shown by almost every person in this forum (myself included).

Today I stumbled across a website Now, I know.... this site might be more relevant to indian nationals, but I felt some of the things apply to all immigrants. The one underlying aspect that´s mentioned over and over in the forums over there is how the immigrants are forced to do menial and odd jobs or take up overqualified jobs in Canada. I know there might be people who will jump rightaway and say "Hey, no one asked you to immigrate blah blah...." ( once they are done we can move forward in the discussion ), but that´s the point, most of the immigrants are unhappy with the life that they are leading out there. I know that it always hard for people to re-locate to a different country, but the observations made in the forum are over a period of 3-5 years. I would think that is a good period of time for a person to find a job suitable for his/her skill.

In fact most immigrants wait to get the citizenship so that they can get out of Canada (tragic indeed !!) It seems like foreign education is not given its due recognition and that results in huge hurdles to find a reasonably similar job to the one the applicant was in before immigrating. I even saw the words slavery and racism being used very loosely out there !!

Looking at all that I feel that there needs to be a change in the immigration policy (for the better of Canada) so that the immigrants are happy in the country that they choose to immigrate. If whats written in the forum has any truth to it, I sincerely think that they (Canada) should not accept anyone in the skilled criteria as, it looks like they are the most dissapointed of the lot doing the $8- $10 per hr jobs.

On the contrary, I have read articles about how Australia is handling Immigration much better than Canada, the stats say that 6 months after an immigrant lands "down under" he/she is absorbed well into the labor force almost at the same position which his/her qualifications demand. (They have a skills assessment program too.)

I am in no way saying Australia or any other place is better than Canada or whatever, but just attempting to compare the absorption of immigrants into the labor force, which I feel is reasonable as the skill requirement is a necessity for immigration, ain´t it ?

This was just my observation....
I think recent immigrants to Canada should enlighten this forum about the realistic nature of the labor market and what expectations should one carry when a new immigrant lands in Canada.

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this is what I hear...

-Austrailia has a much more strict application process (also more expensive) the annual quota is significantly less than Canada
-your credentials must be approved at your expense prior to application - instead of the Canadian system which accepts your education at face value upon application

-perhaps the Austrailian system does a better job of eliminating those applicants who may struggle with adaptation to their new country. ????

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