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Subject: Fiance Problems
  My fiance and I will be arriving in Canada in June. He will be entering on a visitor visa because he is over the age of 30 and no longer can apply for a working holiday. (he´s from australia). I was told that he would be able to get a stamp for 6 months. In that time we plan to get married. We plan on staying in Canada for a few months and then heading to Mexico for a year.
I´m wondering if this is a crazy idea. Will immigration allow him to switch from a visitor visa to a ... (I´m not too sure what he should apply for...permanent resident?) Or to another visa that will allow him to work?
What is the best thing to do in this case?
If we get a fiance visa, it doesnt give us enough time to plan the wedding. 90 days I think...something ridiculous like that. So, a visitor visa seemed logical. Now I´m worried if can switch to another visa, something livable once we are married?
Any help I can get will be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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There is no such thing as a fiance visa in Canada anymore.

He would need a visitor visa then you get married...then you would apply for permanent residency. BUT since you are going to Mexico for a year, that changes things. You could apply for permanent residency from Mexico and you could stay there with him while the process is in place IF you are a Canadian citizen. If you are a Canadian permanent resident, you would have to be in Canada while the process took place, I assume you are a Canadian Citizen, right?

Your trip to Mexico will make things harder but still possible.
If you were to stay in Canada after you were married, he could stay with you as long as he continued to extend his visitor visa.He couldn´t work for some time but you could be together.

Good Luck

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