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Subject: Passport received
  First of all I would like to thanks all guys who support me to have very useful information.

Finally, i got my Passport with visa stamped from Islamabad.

would you please send me the procedure for landing & list of goods to bring with.

A prompt reply will be appreciated


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YOU have to decide what to bring with is your list of goods to follow.....

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Congratulation Ijaz !

Can any body please inform how much cad$ at the minimum, that a person need to show at the Canadian port of entry ? can you please also share your experience. Please respond

Saayad this might help. (in reply to: Passport received)
Ijaz Bhai,

Assalam wali kum ...... I hope that is right.
Congratulations on getting the Visa.
I think you should visit to get more information. This site may help you a lot.

hum jald hi aapse milenge
tab tak ke liye, Khuda...aafiz,

Delhi Se.

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Congratulation Ijaz!
For the list of good, someone who´s already landed, will help you. Could you share your timeline with us? I´d also applied from Islamabad and got interviewed on March 15. I´m now waiting for my medicals.

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My time line is
Applied in March 2001
Send document & IELTS in March 2004
Interview Dec. 04
Medical send January 05
Passport request March 05
Passport send April 05
Passport received April 05


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