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Subject: Processing time and Landing
  Two quick questions for any to answer:

1) Once an application for Federal Skilled Worker has been submitted, to Buffalo, about how long before I´d receive a landing date, assuming that there are no complications.

2) After receiving a landing date, is it possible to cross the border (I am American), then cross back to the USA for another year until all is in order to relocate? I have a family and wish to have as much in place as possible when moving, including employment.


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Ans-1) Just hit this link in your browser:

My estimate based on your data is approx. 12-18 months.

Ans-2) Yes, you can.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the link, it is really helpful.
I also came across this one from another discussion group:

At the beginning, it is all overwhelming.

Processing Time (in reply to: Processing time and Landing)
I am a Student did my bachelor Degree from Calgary University then I applied for permanent resident as an Independent category last Year- March 2005, since then I have not received any approval letter or deny letter nothing. I check my case status online but nothing there, can anyone tell me how long would it take to process my application?
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