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Subject: IELTS - 8.5
Hi Guys

I am an Indian recently took the IELTS exam and scored an overall of 8.5

Writing - 8
Speaking - 8
Reading - 9
Listening - 8.5

What is the impact of this score on my application??

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Nice....but nothing more than that you´ll get full marks for English language proficiency. By the what´s your timeline?
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good performance...but anyone who gets 7 bands to 9 bands get same 16 full 7-9 is the same points..
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Keep up the Indian tempo.
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WOW...real good score.
As someone said, you´ll only be able to score good points for the language section. But it should also carry a good impression of yours IF you were called for an interview. What´s you timeline and your speculated points for apporval?

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Hi Guys

Here is my timeline

Applied Delhi CHC - Jan 13,2005
Received AOR Feb 13, 2005
Waiting has begun since then.

Estimated points 71

What are my chances of an interview waiver????

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Relax buddy the game has just´s gonna be 2 years or so before you hear for your Interview. Get along with you life in the meantime.


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Hi Buddy (Robin)

I am not gonna hear for the interview....I am gonna get an Interview waiver what about your csase buddy (Robin) are you waiting for your interview??? are you also in the waiting game...if you are then keep waiting in line

Cheers to you

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Abcd you sound so loud-mouthed, I replied to your 2 questions in a straight forward manner and this is how you are thanking huh?


Frankly speaking these 2 were the dumbest questions I?ve answered on this forum. Looking at your poor sentence structure I am sure you are fooling people about your score (although 8.5 isn?t a big deal for me who got 300/300 in Toefl). Your ignorance is also reflected in your Interview waiver claim- just look at the question you´ve asked and may be you´ll realize how dumb you are.

I am in a different league than you so don?t worry about me. First come to Canada then we?ll talk.

Robin (in reply to: IELTS - 8.5)
Hey Robin

who the hell are you?? why did you answer my question? if you are into a different ball game why the hell you are here on this forum?? look at your false claim 300 in toefl. you think you are a specialist in immigration laws giving you suggestions. you are in the wrong forum if you are into a different ball game. I will get an interview waiver and see you in Canada

Untill then relax immigration specialist


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