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Subject: Difference between Back Ground check and Pl

Difference between Background Check and PCC (in reply to: Difference between Back Ground check and Pl)
Hi Guys,

What is the diffence between Backgound Check and Police Cleance Cert.(PCC)?

Does PCC comes in picture to do the Background Check? Or it is independent process which CIC does.

Thanks in advance.

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Background check is done by visa post processing application, with help of other visa posts in countries where edu and exp credential may came from. It verifies your claimed background data, educational and experience credentials.

Security check (also called background/security check) is conducted completely outside Immigration by Canadian intelligence and security agencies, with or without cooperation of proper authorities in all countries you resided in since age 18 (for some national since age 16). It looks deep (very deep) into your background, life, activities and associations to see if you are or ever were involved and/or are or were associated in any way with someone who is or was involved in terrorism, espionage, organized crime, crimes against humanity, radical groups, etc.
This check usually starts after successful interview or interview waiver and depending from your background, nationality, countries you resided in and other factors may take anywhere from few monthe to over a year to complete.

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Kool do you have any Idea how long the background check may take? I from Iran and it has been 8 months from the time I sent my medical.
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I think background check is mainly a security check for those outside USA. I had applied from New Delhi in 2000 and before my interview waiver along with medical request I got this month, I had an umpteen number of document requests over 5 years,along with the documents sent I have also included phone numbers of former employers and that of educational institutions that I have attended including those in the USA where Iam based What more of a background check do they need.I can understand the security check.Its absurd the CHC has to keep people after medicals waiting so long.
manchurian candidate
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Agree with the remarks. I mean I really don´t follow the immigration procedure clearly... why ask for Police clearance if they have to run their own check.

I unerstand the need to do background check and ´am not opposed to that. However, I´m opposed the system they follow.

I think they should make this check part of IA (first stage process) and any doubts cleared during an interview. Why do they waive the interview if they have to clear doubts later? Like in case above and having applicants not knowing when PP request shall come!!

Once IA is cleared then they should do rest of the process fast.

With the current system there is no uniformity - with someone getting PP request in 1 month and some like me waiting for 5 months.


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