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  Hai all,

After reading mny replies, I am wondering whether License is required for Diploma Engineers?? I hold a diploma in Electronics Engineering and has been Certified as Photocopier Engineer By RICOH Co and Fax Engineer by PANASONIC (and havy manu such certification). Both the co has many branches in Canada. Will I still require License there to work??

Kindly advise.


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RICOH would be the best person to ask whether they produce their equipment under different standards for Canada. I am sure in your situation the ´retraining´ would be very straight forward.
About Certification/Licensure requirements for Electrical/Electronics Technicians (in reply to: License)
If this would be the inter-company transfer, then you won´t be needed to think about licensure and/or certification requirements for working in Canada. But as a permanent resident, you will be required to follow the occupational standards after you arrive in Canada and wish to work in your field of choice.

And, as far as the requirements of licensure and/or certification is concerned for some specific occupation, it is purely base on your selected destination in Canada. For example, if you wish to land in Ontario and want to work as electrical/electronics engineering technician, then various certifications are available through engineering associations. Some employers require you to get certification while some do not. Likewise, if you want to work as electronic service technician for business equipment, then trade certification is not required compulsory but availabe throughout Canada except the province of Alberta. Interprovincial trade certification (Red Seal) is also available to qualified electronics technicians, consumer products.

Finally, I must say that work experiences and certifications with two world-class electronic products manufacturers would be worthful to you while you were in Canada.

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Hai salman,

Thanks for the Info. It was nice reading your message.


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