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Subject: Proof Of Funds
How much funds required to be shown in bak to move Canada Under Skilled Worker category.Could anyone please help me regarding this matter.


Ilyas Ahmed Mahmood
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Check CIC website. We don´t know how many people you are going to bring along with. Let´s say 2 people ; so you need about CAD 13,000. A lot of money. Good luck.
Qualify or Not (in reply to: Proof Of Funds)
As an Immigration Quota i have a recognized MBA Degree and also Language Requiremnt i have Scored 6 in Ielts and where as in French I am illiterate age around 26 unmarried no job offer no relation in canada,Experience as Market Research Analyst as 3 years does anyone guess does whether I qualify for Immigration Quota or not.



Ilyas Ahmed Mahmood
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Where r u from?


An explanation about proof of funds for skilled workers (in reply to: Proof Of Funds)
As an unmarried skilled worker, you need to demonstrate CDN$9,897* funds at time of submitting or lodging your application to Canada. Proof of funds is required to make sure that this money belongs to you and you should be able to use these funds after you arrive in Canada.

But as a matter of fact, at time of submitting your application, you can provide proof of funds which may be less than CDN$9,897! In fact, you need these funds in Canada, so you´ve time to maintain these funds up to the required level till your landing.

You may qualify... (in reply to: Proof Of Funds)
I can better assess if I know (a) where you did your MBA? (b) was it regular or executive? (c) what was its duration? (d) when you finished it? (e) what was your specialization? and (f) what you´ve done before your MBA? Likewise, I also need to know your individual scores in IELTS and when you started your current job? before MBA, during it or after?

MBA (in reply to: Proof Of Funds)
I have my MBA from osmania university India June 2002 and then i work for a year in India as Senior officer as same as supervisor For UAE exchange and then i came saudia and working here since 2 years as market Research Staff.Well usual guidance from all will be highly appreciated.
ilyas ahmed
wait till i get there (in reply to: Proof Of Funds)
i guess i can help u. but u´ve got to wait till i get there.
proof of funds (in reply to: Proof Of Funds)
Hellow, I have applied for application as skilled worker to canada. We are a family of 5. How much funds is required to show? I was wondering if the funds required is supposed to show on the 6th month of the bank statement, or can it be the balance in the account?And can i also show my property togather with the bank statement, will it help? Please advise, as iam really confused. thankyou
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if you have already applied, then you should be already familiar with CIC´s website?!

all information can be found here and the data is official...


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