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Subject: Be Kind!
I have been reading the posts in this forum for a while and I appreciate all of you who take time to reply.But often I find people making comments or remarks which are most inappropriate or are simply not required.My opinion is if you want to help go ahead but otherwise donot say unnecessary unkind words to other people.Kindness is a wonderful gift and it costs you nothing!So be kind to others.

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Really !
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you always have the option of starting up your own website so you can control what people say and how they say it.

People have opinions, people become frustrated with posters who want everyone to give them easy answers instead of doing some simple research on their own (like looking at the cic website). I agree that slanderous remarks are totally uncalled for - but that is the job of the administrator on this site. I am more than satisfied with their control here.

Civility. I think that is the most we can ask and that we avoid Friday nights with full moons whenever possible.

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I agree with Sharon. What ticks me is that people should do some of their own research as well...

Not for sake of anything else but getting correct answers. Moreover CIC keeps revising details and best information to get that is from CICs web site.

This site is basically sharing experiences, out of common situations, and how-to´s...

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