Conjugal partner advice?

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Subject: Conjugal partner advice?
  I´ve sponsored my fiancee under the new "conjugal partner" category. We´ve been together for nearly 3 years, and she´s applying from Austria. We´re waiting to hear back from the Embassy in´s been 5 months now, so I´m hoping it´s soon.

From reading the rules and regulations, I know they discourage people from using this category unless it is necessary. Has anybody (successfully or not) used this category yet? Anyone know how much extra time it takes?

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I did not use this category but I have read on many forums that the success rate is almost 0. It is a very difficult category to get through. The best bet is spousal. If you really love your finacee and you can swing a wedding, you should get married and try the spousal route.
I wish you good luck. Maybe your application will get through. I hope so!


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Can you direct me to any of these forums? Or have there been any studies released by the CIC regarding the success rates of the conjugal partner class?
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