no appeal for Air India !!!!

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Subject: no appeal for Air India !!!!
disappointed!!!!not sure if there is public inquiry!
if there is no appeal, I don´t think there will be public inquiry too.

It will be mysterous forever.

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one does not mean the other. I think most people know who is responsible for this tragedy. One died in India almost 17 years ago.

as for an inquiry...the purpose usually is to find out what happened and make changes to prevent a repeat. In 20 years, our world, the threat of terrorism and technology has changed everything about how police handle such events. Changes have already taken place, procedures have been changed and the case would likely have seen many things different had it occured in the last 3-5 years.

I understand that people are looking for answers. I am not sure they will get them and I am not sure if spending millions and millions of dollars will give people what they want and need.

Hopefully, people will not turn this into an ethnic issue... I don´t think it is. Just a practical one.

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yep, I don´t think I totally understand the whole conflict and process, however, hopefully, everthing will be fine and sort out.
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Its really hard to compare such cases with similar ones, because each one is different.

Most of the victims families are mad because they are not satisfied with the Canadian legal system because they feel the case was not pursued properly and feel that this could be because most victims are Indo-Canadians, and it would be different if the dead were predominantly whites. (Source - CBS News)

Like, Sharon said, I hope they don´t make it an ethnic issue, as people tend to take rash decisions when they are upset as they can´t think rationally, but on the other hand I just hope that the Govt. got the verdict right after such a prologed battle.

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under the law, the verdict was right. under the law of humanity - people got away with murder. It is very hard to subject our own sense of justice to the rigorous requirements of the legal system. I think that is where this becomes so difficult for everyone.

I don´t think the law is finished with one of the accused. There is rumblings that he is the prime suspect in the killing of a publisher of an ethnic newspaper. The journalist was supposed to testify at the Air India trial! I am hoping they have all their ducks in a row on this one and he can be brought to justice - one way or another.


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