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Subject: Application returned
Sharon / all:

My application returned with DD from Buffalo.
I am working in US. My current H1b visa remainingin is 10 months out of 6 years . They are asking for an evidence of my status in USA after 10 months.

Please let me know what to do???

Almost in the same situation (in reply to: Application returned)
As long as you are legal in the U.S. you will be fine ... ask your lawyer or employer for a not that states that your VISA will be renewed for a 7th year (assuming that you are stuck also in Labor Certification), or send a Certicate of Employment stating that you will be with that company for so and so years.

Jowsie Texan
(in reply to: Application returned)
Thank you Texan.
Please let me know your situation and your action.
I am going to get letter from my employer as you mentioned.

(in reply to: Application returned)
Kris from what I understand from the CIC website ( ) & talking to CIC officials, you can apply from the country in which you are residing, provided you have been lawfully admitted to that country for at least one year.

Now you are claiming that you´ve spent over 5 years in US and have permit valid for anothet 10 more months, so whats the problem??? When applying to Buffalo did you send them the docs showing your 5 year residency in US + remaining 10 more months of permit???

If yes, then are they asking you to prove your stay in US beyond the coming 10 months?

Help me help you.


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