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i just came back from india , there is nothing i could have done to speed up my case , spoke to couple of people outside embassy , they did,nt let me in , all i can tell you , its going to take another 6 to 8 months , thats what i have heard recently
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Hi there,
welcome back
My Dear friend your 90 days period is over. I think you should talk to your Local M.P about this matter and I am sure he will help you or may be talk to Indian M.P explain your situation.

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no body can help you in this case , looks like we have no control over the situation
it looks like kj have got his wife;s visa

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did u give ur file number and everything anonymous? I mean if they didnt let u in, how can it be possible that u got to know that its gonna be another 6-8 months??

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