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Subject: What do you do
Hello all,
I have just had my visa immigration. I would like to know how does the first day is spent once in Canada.
Shal I do a reservation in a hotel or Shall I contact an assocation of assistance to the immigrants?

In advance Thank you.

DAHBI Abdelmounaim
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If I can make a suggestion, take a suite at the Hilton, call room service and let them bring up lots of champagne and get loaded.

.....just a suggestion :)

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where are you planning to land ? Ontario ? Hotels in general are expensive . Try to rent a basement for couple of months as a beginning, then, when you have enough acquaintance with the surroundings, you can move to a good apartment.And don´t worry the immigration officer at the port of entry will give you the necessary information on your next steps. Good Luck...
Suggestion on First Days (in reply to: What do you do)
Hi Abdelmountain,

What I can suggest here is a website name www.settlement.org which gives you the knowledge of everything from Landing, preperation, to settling down.
I hope this will help.

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Thank you for your responses.
Best regards!


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