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Subject: I got it!
  Hi everyone,
I wish you all the best. I just got my PPR yesterday. My ecas doesn´t change. But, what is weird in that it was dated 12th of april, I received it yesterday 3 march (from Buffalo to Montreal!!!). Anyways, I wish you all the best, everything is gonna be OK!
I have a question, did anyone do the landing through the train between buffalo and toronto?

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post ur timeline
I got it! (in reply to: I got it!)
Submitted CSQ on 1 July 2004.
Got my CSQ after phone interview on 10 Nov 2004
Applied for Federal 23 Nov 2004
ACK received on 23 Dec 2004
Medical visit, Interview Waiver on 18 Jan 2005
Submitted ROLF proactively on the 11 Feb 2005
PPR received on 3 May 2005.

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