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Subject: New Delhi Consulate
  Can anyone help me find this information.
I am from India and have applied for PR (Skilled cat) in New Delhi. It?s been 18 months approx.
Now I plan to pursue a MBA Degree in Canada. Can I now apply for a student visa if I am admitted in a University .
Some say - Consulate would not grant student visa as they know that the person is trying to get in early. You know they already know the intention that the person does not intend to come back.
Some say - Consulate will ask me to withdraw 1 application - either the PR or the Student visa.

Has anyone in this forum come across similar kind of scenario.

Waiting for the reply,

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Manu u can certainly apply for a student visa, i know people who have got study permit while there PR application is in process.
Good luck

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