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Subject: Buffalo: Police Certificate Importance
  I was about to send my PR app. Skilled worker class to buffalo when I saw that I needed police certificate from countries I resided in after I turned 18.

I left Jordan to USA when I was 22 and been living in USA since then.

I heard it´s extremely hard to get a police certificate from Jordan specially for non-Jordanians (like myself) who left Jordan for a long time.

Is Buffalo flexible about this issue?
Is there a format explanation I can use to explain lack of police certificate?

Please advice

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Yes, CIC is flexible in this issue. If asked explain them the problem. Most likely they will do their own background check for Jordan for you if you cannot submit the police clearance.
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Do not believe in hearsay, first try to get the Police certificate from Jordan. You can contact someone you know there to facilitate that. If you fail to obtain it, then send the documents showing your efforts & result to CIC and a cover letter explaining the same.
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to save your time get one , its not difficult, I am Jordanian and it only takes an application in the court and it will be ready after a week or so, the fees is a dollar or two.
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if you need help contact me mtsamman@yahoo.com
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