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Subject: Bank Certificate
  Could you guys please send me format Bank Certificates that were successfully used as prrof of fund. Or send me the info. needed in the Bank Certificate.

I have enough money in my checking account. My bank told they´ll write any letter for me if I provide them with a draft.

I am not very good at the banks vocabulary and I would not write a professional letter.

Thanks in advance.

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you know what I did? Just asked them to print the bank statement indicated that how much money I have in my account and asked them to sign it, that´s it, seems fine
departure bay
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We did the same as Departure Bay.

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Ask your bank to give an official statement of the funds in your account...they are obliged to do so.
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I printed my past six months bank statements from Internet Including the most recent one, went to the bank and asked them to notorize the same. They did that and worked for me.


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