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Few days before there was a letter from the consulate to submit some documents and now suddenly they have send a letter that your interview is schedule on 24th May, Delhi.The problem is I live In Newyork and recently I have changed the job just 2 days before and it is not possible that I will get leave to go India and give the Interview. I am confused.It is clearly written in the letter that interview will not be rescheduled.Please help me out.


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i think u can request to change the date once by writing them. but it also depends wat u applied for? wat documents they request for n wat u sent?
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tell me what category did u apply for..and what docs did they request u to submit...
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Thanks for getting back. I was been asked to submit of the proof of status of my stay in USA and proof of address in USA as well as the proof of proficiency of English language. This documents I have send them except the proof of proficiency of language [IELTS] as the dates for exams have been booked till Aug but I have send the letter of confirmation of the date of exams . Now what to do ?

Thanks in advance


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I say wait and wait
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