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Subject: status from buffalo
  I applied for PR in Jan 2004. My medicals were done in Nov 2004 and all documents as asked submitted in Jan 2005.

Since then I have not heard from buffalo. I sent 2 faxes to request status - however have had no reply.

What is the other way to get status? Any other applicants from Jan 2004 waiting on pp request from buffalo?

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I applied in April 04. Medical and all documents sent Decemeber 04. E-client status changed to Medical Received April 12, 2005. Still waiting for the PP request...I hope this will help you.
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Oh yes. I am also waiting - Jan 04 AOR, Med Sept 04.

Reason: B CHK in progress.

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i am in the similar timeline and still waiting for pp request.
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I´m in the position similar to Anonymous 2 :-) - got my PPR 3 weeks ago...
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