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Subject: Conversion of funds
I got my PR and will be moving to Canada soon! When I do move, I will need to convert my funds into Canadian Dollars. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the best exchange rate when I do this? Most banks take a healthy percentage when you convert currency. Any suggestions.
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Which country are your from.
I can help you if you are in India.


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I am in US and am looking to convert US dollars to Can. dollars.
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Just drive to the border and go to the duty free shop on either side, and get it converted. Also, Royal Bank of Canada gave me a sweet deal. If you have access to Internet, you can check the rate yourself before converting the money... and try to bargain. If you are converting thousands of dollars, you can negotiate a more favorable rate. If you are converting a few hundred, you can try but I doubt they would give a hoot to your propositions. Good luck in any case....
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