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Subject: Client ID number question...HELP
  Hi everybody,

I would like to explain my case and would be very thankful for help.
I am aplying for a work visa in Canada, while staying in Canada. My lawyer paid the $150 fee for application over the internet. The e-case check up of the status on the internet is not available for temporary residence visas. So I called the free toll number of the Canadian guvernment. They asked me for my client ID number which I am suppose to get on my receipt copy while paying over the internet. But in my case, there´s only a blank space where the number´s suppose to be. So my lawyer told me that you don´t get a client ID number because "by the time you get ID #, the decision on your case is already made".
In another words, he told me that there is no way of actually checking up my status which is rather upseting and frustrating, because I am anxious and waiting.
I payed this lawyer for his services $300.

My question is: Do you really don´t get a client ID number by paying fees over the internet or do I have to take a baseball bat and visit my lawyer???

If ANYBODY had/have such a situation like me, PLEASE help, because I´m getting pretty nervous being potentially ripped of.

Thank You,

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If this is the first time you´ve had dealing with the CIC then you will not have a Client ID. Your ID will be created once the officer enters a line of buisness for your work permit application into the computer system. This usually doesn´t happen until the permit is actually being printed. The processing time for work authorizations is 37 buisness days.
If you need to know if your permit has been printed ask your lawyer for the receipt number that he received, it should start with a B followed by nine numbers. The call center agent can tell you if that fee payment has been allocated yet.

Nare Cruz
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Thank you very much for your reply. Actually, it is my first time I am dealing with CIC, so I will do as sugested.


Status updatefor my Canadian Permanent visa (in reply to: Client ID number question...HELP)
Hi i am living in Guyana and my permanent visa form is being processed in Trinidad & Tobago W.I.I have a client # and a Kit ID # as well i need to know what is my status since i posted my papers to T&T my son a citizen of Canada didn´t heard anything or me i would like to know where and how on line i can obtain information pertaining to my current status not the processing time but how soon should i expect my medical papers to arrive in Guyana?
Indrawatie Bishnaprashad
citizenship (in reply to: Client ID number question...HELP)
after I apply for citizenship I recieved a acknowledge letter . in this letter my client ID number starts with P and 9 digits .when i use check online service i found that client ID number must be 8 digits.what i have to do now?
help me man (in reply to: Client ID number question...HELP)
i have paid 400$ to my employee for Canadian work permit
i have received the mail of it but how could i come to know whether it is genuine or not kindly let me know about it
thanking you!

rajupillai prakashan

rajupillai prakashan
no letter of confirmation (in reply to: Client ID number question...HELP)
I´m in desperate need of assistance. I am currently sponsoring my wife who is here in Canada on a visitor´s visa. We applied for her extension more than 10 weeks ago and have not yet received a letter from CIC stating that they have received the application and she has no client ID # so we cannot even check the status on-line. She has less than 6 weeks remaining on her current visa and I fear something must be terribly wrong. What can I do to find out what is goin on?

scott hudson
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your wife is here on a 6 month visitor visa, and after 2 months you applied for an extension? You also have a sponsorship application in the system?

Inland sponsorship or outland?

how did you prove she would be going home at the end of her extension?

Regarding my sons issue (in reply to: Client ID number question...HELP)
I am worried about my sons future who was an international student in Canada for last 8 months, and he got admitted to mental hosptial due to sudden panic attacks and doctors diagonised as bi polar. Now he is back to uae, and further for re entry they have asked to call the toll no 1-888 242 2100 so kindly respond how i can further go forward to take him to canada. Now what are the procedure i need to follow. Please advise.
I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! (in reply to: Client ID number question...HELP)
I´m in need of help fast please. I´m writing this for my brother who doesn´t speak much english. My question is my brother is sponsoring his wife whom he is married to and she is in India. The application was sent to the Case Processing Centre Mississauga on June 20, 2011 however we still have not received any reply yet and neither has my brothers wife in India. It´s been 80 days now and now decision or mail has been given in response to his application. I tried to go on line to find out the status however they want a client ID number first and my brother or his wife were not given one. What can I do now???How can I find out the status of the application??
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First, slow down. June 20 to August 11 is NOT 80 days. More like 50. If all goes well, first phase processing usually takes about 45-50 days from the date they receive the application - not the date you mailed it. That means some time in the next 2 weeks your brother will probably get a letter from CIC saying whether he has been approved as sponsor. At that time, he will get a file number and will be told that the application will now go to India to continue with the process.

Your urgency puzzles me? How long were you and your brother thinking this was going to take? Start to finish could be 2 years.