How can the underskilled immigrate?

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Subject: How can the underskilled immigrate?
  I am young, British, i have family in Canada and my girlfriend waits for me there but I have few qualifications so can not live in Canada as a skilled worker. I have about 6-7 years working experience though. I need to find a way to be in Vancouver for at least 6 months with a view to stay there longer even if it means re-applying for a visa. Any way would be a possibility. Can someone help me out??? It´ll bring you good karma ya´know. Please respond or even e-mail me at Thanx in advance.
Underskilled! (in reply to: How can the underskilled immigrate?)
Young? How old, that could help in your application. There are few ways to immigrate.

Underskilled? Well, try different route. How about immigrating as a student?

How can the underskilled immigrate? (in reply to: How can the underskilled immigrate?)
Well i´m 23. So not YOUNG young but still got my better years ahead of me ( i hope). I have thought about going as a student but I don´t know where to start or where to find what the restrictions are. Also I would need to be able to fund myself over there so can you work part time while you study for example???
Opportunities to work and study in Canada (in reply to: How can the underskilled immigrate?)

Assuming you are a British citizen (not simply a resident), you may be eligible for a working holiday in Canada.

Each year, the Canadian government issues a specific number of working holiday visas to young citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Korea, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. This visa allows participants to spend up to one year living and working whilst visiting Canada.

I recommend that you look into this potential opportunity soon, as these visas are in great demand and limited supply. Check with the Canadian High Commission in London for further details.

While you may also be interested in studying in Canada, you must be accepted into a post-secondary institution prior to submitting a visa application. You must also have enough funds to support yourself while studying here. Check out for more information about studying in Canada (click on the "to Study" button - left nav bar). Note that study permits are very restrictive, and do not afford much, if any, opportunity to work in Canada (thus the need to prove sufficient funds).

Good luck.

Dennis Caul
immigration advisory service

Dennis Caul
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