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Subject: Landing fees Refund
I have sponsored my wife , she got the immigrant visa, now she is no more intrested in coming to canada, In fact she is asking for divorce, her immgration landing visa has expired. How can I refund the landing fees? what documets required for that? can anybody help me.
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I think your first step would be contacting CIC office for instructions. My fiancee received a rejection last September, and only about a week ago I got my refund of $975 issued to me. All I had to do was to write a letter, stating my client ID number, and my request to issue me a refund. I sent it to the Mississauga case processing center. You can also fax them you request, fax (905)803-7392. I think you will get some sort of reply form them faster if yoy fax your request. Hope this info helps.
Also, you might want to contact CIC rep for clarification on your specific situation.

Landing fees paid twice inadvertantly (in reply to: Landing fees Refund)

With due respect, it is stated that I applied for my spouse immigration under family class (Mrs.Sandesh Rani Chechi) and I paid the landing fees $1340/- CAD vide visa card 4520 ***3598 and my receipt no is R201160830 online on 2017.04.05 at 23:07:32 EDT

Further,when they again asked for it I had to write already paid but again paid it CAD$ 490/-online vide receipt no is R241436200 online on 2017.10.21 at 19:05:00 EDT

Could you refund me the CAD$490/- which were paid again as discussed above on ASAP basis

Thanks & Regards

Arun Kumar Chechi
#56,Davelayne Road
North York,Ontario
M9M 2A7,Toronto
My UCI no is 62165175

Arun Chechi

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