How can the skilled immigrate?

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Subject: How can the skilled immigrate?
Hi all,
I am from France. Recently, I got an IT job offer in Canada. Anyone experienced or knows the minimum time it will take to process an application till getting a Visa for Skilled Workers? Thanks a lot.

Skilled to immigrate... (in reply to: How can the skilled immigrate?)
There are many factors that will depend on how fast you will be here. Your employer, you, government response. You probably picked the wrong time since during Christmas - government is hybernating :)
Aproximatelly it will 4 - 6 months and you will be here.

Immigrate easy with points .... (in reply to: How can the skilled immigrate?)
In order to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, you must get enough points. Points do change from time to time but it is about 70.

Now How to know if I have enough points?
Here is the list of items that determine how many points you get by having following assets:

Education (maximum 25 points)
You must have a college or university degree.
- College or Bachelor: 22 points
- Master/PhD: 25 points

Working Experience (maximum 21 points) -- 1 year: 15 points
- 2 years: 17 points
- 3 years: 19 points
- 4 years: 21 points

Age (maximum 10 points for 21-49 yrs of age)

Language Skills (maximum 25 points):
- First language: 16 points
- Second language: 8 points

Job Offer (max. 10 points):
Valid Job offer will bring you 10 points

Suitability (maximum 10 points): Determined in the interview after you apply to immigrate to Canada as a skilled immigrate applicant.


John Bracio
Clarification (in reply to: How can the skilled immigrate?)

Without intending to "step on anyone´s toes" I can tell you that Canada´s Skilled Worker Program currently requires its successful applicants to score 67 points (excluding exemptions under R76(3)), and, depending upon a number of factors, typically requires 18 months to 3 years for government processing (unless you have Arranged Employment in Canada, in which case, processing times are minimized to approximately 6 to 8 months). Furthermore, while an applicant´s points assessment is important to his or her application´s success, other factors are also worth considering prior to undergoing the expense of drafting, compiling and submitting an application for immigration.

I encourage all interested parties to take advantage of the two-stage assessment process e-canada offers, through its website at, prior to considering an application.

Dennis Caul
immigration advisory service

Dennis Caul
P.S. (in reply to: How can the skilled immigrate?)
P.S. All factors, including the "Adaptability" factor (the "Personal Suitability" factor no longer exists under Canada´s newly-revised Skilled Worker Program - effective June 28, 2002), are objectively determinable prior to submitting an application. Ergot, no aspect of your points assessment is left until after your application´s submission (i.e., visa officers no longer subjectively determine your "Suitablity" during immigration interviews).

Dennis Caul
immigration advisory service

Dennis Caul
Thank you (in reply to: How can the skilled immigrate?)
Thank you Dennis. Your answer is really clean and professional. I had the same question.

Nadia Zink
You're Welcome (in reply to: How can the skilled immigrate?)
Hi Nadia.

You´re very welcome; and thank you for taking a moment of kindness - I post a lot of replies through a variety of sites, and rarely receive acknowledgement for my efforts. It´s nice to know that others appreciate what I can offer.

If you need any other assistance, please feel free to contact me personally.

Dennis Caul

Dennis Caul

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