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Subject: Sponsoring my mother and sister
  I have a special situation.
I live in Canada and I would like to sponsor my mother and sister. My mother is just over 50 years and my sister is 30 but my sister is dependant on my mother. My mother and sister live together and my mother would migrate to Canada only if they get the visa together.
My mother receives my father´s pension.
Sponsoring them might not be easy but what are the normal action that I need to take? What are the different ways to approach this problem.

Thank you for all your help.

Amanda R.
See CIC's web site (in reply to: Sponsoring my mother and sister)

While there are many factors you will need to consider prior to expending resources on a sponsorship application, the first thing to determine is whether you are eligible to sponsor these two family members. Most significant to deterimining eligibility is the minimum required income you will need to prove to CIC when making your application. The specific amount is based upon the number of "dependants" you have (including those living with you now), but may also include the income of a "co-signer".

I recommend that you visit http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/irpa/fs-family.html to learn more about the Family Class program, and then download the forms and guide books for further insight. If you are interested in hiring a professional to assist you, drop me a note, and I will be happy to recommend a good service provider (please note that, while I am an immigration advisor, I do not handle Family Class files; rather, I focus exclusively on Skilled Workers).

Dennis Caul
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money matters (in reply to: Sponsoring my mother and sister)
if you want to sponsor mother and sister (same for brother) in this case you (or your family living here) need to have enough money to prove to Canada Government that you are able to support her. How much exactly it really depends from case to case. Read the fine print.

SPONSORING (in reply to: Sponsoring my mother and sister)
First Calculate your finance as follows
yourself+wife+kid=30,000 apx
add apx 5k for extra persons

If your sister is unmarried then she could come in with your mum as dependent toegether.

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I want to sponser my sister (in reply to: Sponsoring my mother and sister)
I would like to know if it would be possible if I could sponser my sister. She´s 27 and i´m 21. She´s the only relative I have left in my country and my mother makes more than enough to take care of her for the first couple of years. Please get back.

(in reply to: Sponsoring my mother and sister)
Your thread starts in the year 2003 and could confuse some. Remember anything is possible, but....

Go to www.cic.gc.ca and then search manuals and then Overseas Processing then OP@ Family Class then chapter 5.24 is what I think your referring to.

You have to sponsor your mother and if you sister is defined in regulation 2 as a dependent the answer is yes if she is included. But look at five to eight years to be safe for processing times.

There are better ways.


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