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Subject: Interview Questions !
  Hello Experts,
A lot of you must have gone thru interview stage and thats where I am now. I am a bit worried & need some help. So, could u pls. reply me a few questions & also give me some helpful tips.

Wat was u asked during interview?
Wat u r supposed to carry for interview - any documents ?
Should I get CAIPS before attending interview ?
Wat should be ur appearance/impression ?

or anything, you can suggest to help me. Would wait.
Thanks in advance.

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hi interview is not any hard at all.. they just wana make sure of ur documents . they ask u question related to wut u wrote...
its really so easy.. just be ur self and donot lie on them ..i hope i can help u more but i didnot attend the interview my parents did and they didnot tell me that much
take care

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Hi Sandy,

You did not tell under which category you have applied. I cant answer your question without knowing that.

I applied as a skilled worker and am also waiting for an interview in NYC. Will appreciate it if you can share your timeline and place of interview.

If you have applied under the Skilled Worker category you should definately apply for CAIPS notes now.

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Thanks Kenny,
Yes, I applied as a skilled worker & my place for the interview is CIC, London. Could you pls. tell me how to order CAIPS ? Also, when is ur interview scheduled for ?

check out this link (in reply to: Interview Questions !)
check out this link for interview questions:

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