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COuld anyone please tell me how to prepare for IELTS.I am planning to take the exam.Please let me know which book is the best for preparation.
Thanks in advance

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Cambridge series
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I gave the test last weekend. I used the Cambridge IELTS 3 book, and I´ll highly recommend it. It has tests for both the General (2 tests) and Academic tests (4 tests). If you are interested in immigration, you have to give the General test.
Its a good idea to solve Academic tests also so that you can brush up your skills. Mainly everyone is in the dark about the "listening" test, this book comes with 2 CD´s with listening parts so its a must "listen" !!
It retails between $40 to $50 (new) or can buy used from amazon.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Raj,
Thanks so much. COuld yo uplease give me the ISBN number for the book.

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ISBN - 0-521-01337-2

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