interview waiver question.

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Subject: interview waiver question.
i just got a mail from NY office stating that an interview is not required at this time and i should go for my medicals. Does this man that i got an interview waiver or is there a possibility that they may ask for me to attend the interview at a later date after they get my medical results.
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Thats good news. Some people do get their interview waived. Now the chance of getting an interview is very slim. So get your medical done ASAP. You are alomost there.

I am waiting for my interview in NY and would really appreciate it if you can tell me your time line. Did you provide any additional documents after you were told that an interview is required.


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hi Kenny,

I just did my medicals today. i hope they dont call me for the interview now. btw, here is the timeline.

applied jan 04
interview required letter from buffalo - sep 04
file transferred to new york - feb 05
letter from NY asking FBI clearance - march 05
letter from NY ststing interview not req. - may 05
medicals done - may 05

what is ur time line. and is ur file transferred to NY or not?


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