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Subject: rasozadeh??
  hello every 1. can any one tell me whats goin on with rasolzadah thing. is it gonna affect our status? i got an interview waiver in 2003.went twice for medicals. nov 2003 and nov 2004. 1st time my results were lost . DMP lost it. after nov 2004, im waiting. i dont know whats gonna happen?i faxed them 3 times, In feb ,march and may. i also posted them a a letter.but no reply. i am CONFUSSSSSSSSSSED? DONT HAVE ANY CLUE..... THANKS KK
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All I know that the dead line for all cases which are under the old rules is by 2008, otherwise you should find some way to be qualified under the new immigration rules to end those horrible long waiting times.
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