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Subject: Beacon of Hope
  Dear friends,

While understanding the disappointing experience many of our PR having, may I request you to please come up with some positive experience/success stories. Career does not move always in same pace and same spirit. The position Iam currently holding in my home country as Community Development Manager was not achieved in a year. It took several years for me to reach the position where Iam today. So I do not expect that I will secure same position as soon as I land in Canada. At the same time, even before departing for Canada, coupled with the pain of leaving my dear ones at home, I do not want to torture myself with the thought that I will not be better than a cab driver or restaurant worker. With due respect to all those true stories, Can you one please state some success stories so that we can see a beacon of hope .


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dear smh
what ever deepak has written is truth only but its not like that u will b in same status.but as soon as u proove there as u worked on good position u can will b able to acheive ur required standards.
don´t b demoralised.keep ur hopes alive .but naturally it will new place n new people new culture for all immigrants.its resetting ur meter to zero
all the best to u

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