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Subject: Canadian Immigration - Child [ US Citizen ] - Acc
  Hi All:

Our medical examination are over for Canadian Immigration and we are waiting for next step. While that has happened we have new addition to our family , a us citizen. Can I accompany our child with us as the child is already a US citizen and do her medical examination while in canada?.

And also if we already go the final papers from canadian embassy , how much time will it now take to add child?.

Any kinda of insight .. help is highly appreciated.


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That´s what happen to us. We already have interview and got approval and done medical, during the time my wife have a baby (born in US) and we have to add him in our application. It takes another 3-8 months for the whole process to be done correctly ( they lost my child medical and I have to request the doctor to send again to Ottawa).
Hope this info help.


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