Kenny,Deepak and others awaiting interview

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Subject: Kenny,Deepak and others awaiting interview

Have you had any luck - looking at the interviews scheduled till date - in arriving at any patterns? If so, can you pl share it with me? I have been looking at the data for the past few days and I am getting lost somewhere. For eg, if I look at the file numbers that were scheduled in June, I am not able to see several of the file #s in the previously updated list(awaiting scheduling - updated March 16th). Does it mean there are other files in Detroit that have not been listed in the website? Any analysis/results will be appreciated.

Also what corelation does the file # have with the age of the application? 57 (of the 97) interviews scheduled for June are from B042979086 thru B045287561. They all come in ascending order(5 are left out). Will the same pattern be followed for the July interviews?

I am getting pretty desperate! For me, time´s running out....



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